Facility Rules for Ranch A

For your safety and comfort, please read and review prior to booking or your visit.

Ranch A is a Historic Building Site owned by the State of Wyoming and leased to RANCH A RESTORATION FOUNDATION, who are charged with its care. Therefore, to protect each other and the buildings and site all parties shall act in a manner that does not damage or harm the property and the following rules shall apply to all Tenants, faculty, staff, students, guests, and invitees, or any person upon the property or in the Ranch A buildings unless stated otherwise.

  • No pets shall be in or upon the Ranch A property or buildings.
  • No smoking in the buildings, and extra precaution must be taken while smoking in other areas.
  • No possession or use of any illegal substances in or upon the Ranch A property or buildings. Alcohol may be used if prior consent has been obtained from the Landlord.
  • The Main Lodge may be used for classrooms.
  • Any lab work shall be supervised by at least one faculty member in an area designated by the Landlord.
  • All field boots or hiking boots shall be removed from feet before entering the Main Lodge and the Babcock House.
  • No person shall use any shower, bathroom or other facility designated by the Landlord as unusable.
  • Meals shall be consumed on the ground floor of the Main Lodge.
  • No person shall change oil or discharge any oil, gas, diesel, or other fluids at or upon the Premises.
  • No person shall hang any item outside any window or upon any wall except on existing hangers.
  • Any item which is left upon the Premises shall be deemed abandoned and disposed of or sold thirty (30) days after notice is given to the Tenant.
  • All garbage shall be put in garbage cans.
  • Please take extra care and caution while using the historic furniture and furnishings of the lodge. Furniture and furnishings are for “in lodge” use only; they are not to be moved outside. Keep facilities clean and orderly.
  • Permission for use of the fireplace must be obtained from the Landlord. Fireplace doors must be closed on the fireplace or screened during operation.
  • The property and privacy of Sand Creek residents should be honored. Please drive slowly along the Sand Creek Road.
  • Private vehicles will be parked in an area designated by the Landlord. No tents are allowed on the grounds. Vehicles parked in undesignated areas will be removed.
  • Quiet hours shall be from 10:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m.


  • Receive a verbal warning
  • Receive a fifty dollar ($50.00) fine
  • Be removed from the Premises.
    (If they fail to leave, the County Sheriff will be called and a trespass complaint sought.)